Behind The Mystery

Behind the Mystery of Dravet Syndrome

Biocodex is committed to supporting patients with Dravet syndrome and their caregivers. We teamed up with the Dravet Syndrome Foundation to sponsor a special edition segment on “The Balancing Act” airing on Lifetime called “Behind the Mystery of Dravet Syndrome” to increase awareness of Dravet and its impact.

Biocodex manufactures a treatment option for patients with Dravet syndrome, DIACOMIT® (stiripentol).  DIACOMIT is an effective, FDA-approved antiseizure medication developed specifically for seizures associated with Dravet syndrome in children 6 months and older (weighing 15 lb or more) and taking clobazam.

The most common adverse reactions were somnolence, decreased appetite, agitation, ataxia, decreased weight, hypotonia, nausea, tremor, dysarthria, and insomnia.1