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Eliana, actual patient with Dravet syndrome, and Tatiana, her mother and caregiver

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DIACOMIT® (stiripentol) is an FDA-approved antiseizure medication developed specifically for seizures associated with Dravet syndrome in children as young as 6 months (weighing 15 lb or more) and taking clobazam. It is clinically proven to reduce the frequency and duration of Dravet seizures.1

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Significant Relief From Dravet Seizures With DIACOMIT

We know that finding the right combination of antiseizure treatments for your child is critical. With DIACOMIT (stiripentol), seizure relief is possible, starting as early as 6 months.

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DIACOMIT Study Results

DIACOMIT is proven to significantly reduce generalized clonic or tonic clonic seizures. 1,6-8

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DIACOMIT is available in different forms and doses to fit your child’s unique needs.

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Living with Dravet Syndrome

A Dravet syndrome diagnosis is life-changing, and there are resources and communities available to help.

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