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Information for Healthcare Providers

DIACOMIT® (stiripentol) is an effective, FDA-approved medication that was developed specifically to treat seizures associated with Dravet syndrome. It is indicated for patients 6 months and older (weighing 15 lb or more) taking clobazam. There are no clinical data to support the use of DIACOMIT as monotherapy in Dravet syndrome.1

DIACOMIT may help patients achieve profound seizure reduction so families can celebrate everyday wins.1

DIACOMIT and Dravet Syndrome Resources

Explore our expanding list of resources designed to equip you with tools and research to help inform your treatment decisions. Want a physical copy? You can request free printed materials for your office below. 

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About DIACOMIT (stiripentol)

DIACOMIT has over three decades of patient exposure and extensive data collection.7,36,37,51

DIACOMIT Efficacy and Safety Guide

Download this guide for information on studies illustrating DIACOMIT’s efficacy and safety profile.

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DIACOMIT Drug Interactions Card

Keep this list handy to check the documented and potential drug interactions with DIACOMIT.

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DIACOMIT Dosing and Side Effect Management Card

Reference this guide to calculating the proper dose of DIACOMIT for your patients.

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The DIACOMIT Difference Guide

DIACOMIT may help patients with Dravet achieve profound seizure reduction so families can celebrate everyday wins. See what makes DIACOMIT different.

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DIACOMIT Pivotal Randomized Studies Summary

Review the trial designs for DIACOMIT’s two clinical studies.

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DIACOMIT’s Mechanism of Action

See how DIACOMIT is thought to interact with GABAA receptors and cytochrome P450 enzymes. The exact mechanism by which DIACOMIT exerts its anticonvulsant effect in humans is unknown.

Healthcare Provider Perspectives

Hear from Dravet syndrome expert physicians about their DIACOMIT experience.

Dr. Wheless’ Perspective

DIACOMIT reduced seizures for Dr. Wheless’ patient, allowing him to reduce his patient’s overall medication burden.

Dr. Sullivan’s Perspective

Pediatric epileptologist Dr. Sullivan details his 10-year journey with a patient with Dravet syndrome — and how DIACOMIT has substantially reduced his patient’s seizures.

Patient & Caregiver Journeys

Caregivers share their children’s Dravet diagnosis and DIACOMIT treatment journeys. 

Eliana’s Story

Tatiana’s journey to get her daughter properly diagnosed with Dravet syndrome was challenging. Learn how Eliana’s family worked tirelessly to find an effective seizure treatment for her.

Julia’s Story

Duane and Daryl, Julia’s parents, share how DIACOMIT has made a substantial difference for their daughter.

Kendall’s Story

Follow Kendall’s long-term seizure management journey with DIACOMIT as told by her mother and caregiver, Jill.

Accessing DIACOMIT

Download forms or letters needed to complete payer requests.

DIACOMIT Access Guide

Download this guide for a quick overview of our three-step access process through our specialty pharmacy.

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DIACOMIT Access Checklist

Keep track of required forms and information needed to fill prescriptions with our specialty pharmacy.

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Patient Enrollment Form

Fill out this form with your patient’s information to get them access to DIACOMIT.

Download Enrollment Form

VA Enrollment Form

If your patient uses U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health insurance, fill out this form to get them access to DIACOMIT.

Download VA Form

Sample Letter of Appeal

Customize this letter to appeal a denied prior authorization request, formulary exception, or claim for DIACOMIT.

Download Letter of Appeal

Sample Letter of Medical Necessity

Edit this letter to provide additional information and explanation for a patient to begin treatment with DIACOMIT.

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Patient and Caregiver Resources

Share information about Dravet syndrome and DIACOMIT with patients and their caregivers.

Navigating Life With Dravet Syndrome Booklet

An educational resource developed with the Dravet Syndrome Foundation and Dravet physician experts. It equips parents and caregivers of children with Dravet syndrome with information about this rare disease.

Download Information Booklet

Spanish Translation: Navigating Life With Dravet Syndrome Booklet

Cómo transitar la vida con el síndrome de Dravet
Biocodex, en asociación con los principales médicos especialistas en el síndrome de Dravet y la Dravet Syndrome Foundation, creó este folleto para que sea una guía útil para las familias y a los pacientes con síndrome de Dravet.

Descargue la Guía

Caregiver’s Guide to DIACOMIT

A quick overview of DIACOMIT, including seizure reduction results, convenient dosing information, and access programs.

Download Caregiver’s Guide

Spanish Translation: Caregiver’s Guide to DIACOMIT

Guía para Cuidadores sobre DIACOMIT
Esta guía incluye más información sobre DIACOMIT.

Descargue la Guía

Dravet and Me Comic Book

A story for siblings of children with Dravet syndrome inspired by actual families and their experiences.

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Medication Guide

Review important information about how to administer
DIACOMIT, including the proper dosage and storage tips.

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